What you need to know about Domestic Violence

What you need to know about Domestic Violence

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Many people charged with domestic violence are confused by the charge. Domestic violence charges result when a member of a household uses physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, or harassment to control the behavior of another member of a household, such as a spouse, child, or other member of a current or past relationship.Even if you and the defendant do not live together as long as you have a child together you ca

Victims have the right to ask that an injunction or restraining order be filed against the person inflicting the violence.A temporary or permanent restraining order may be issued until a Judge can rule on your petition. Criminal defense lawyer Che C Padron is able to defend against any injunction or help with filing one.

If the judge decides you do not meet the statutory requirements for the temporary restraining order, you may still request a hearing where you and the respondent will appear before the judge.

If their petition is approved, a Permanent restraining order may be ordered. Before you get here you need to contact representation to inform you of what you are being charged with and the best course of action of your specific situation.

It is important to have a criminal defense lawyer ready to represent you immediately after arrest, Che C. Padron is here to represent you within the Tri-County Miami Area 24/7. Call (786)660-6003 Now!!!

There is the misconception that a spouse/partner/girlfriend/etc can "drop" the charges after he or she has called the police and you have been arrested.

The Prosecutor's office will not drop the charges in a Domestic Violence case simply because a week or a month later the supposed Domestic Violence "victim" wants to drop the charges.

The decision to file or not file a case is the sole decision of the Prosecutor.

That decision will be based on what is said on the 911 call, what is written in the police report, whether or not there were any injuries, and whether or not there have been any prior acts of Domestic Violence

If you are arrested for a domestic violence-related charge, including violating a protective order or a temporary restraining order, contact criminal defense lawyer Che C Padron as soon as possible.The Miami, Florida, criminal defense lawyer Che C. Padron will help you understand the domestic violence crime you are charged with, and provide a vigorous defense against the charge. Attorney Che Padron has more than 15 years' experience dealing with cases like yours.