Accused of Insurance Fraud in Miami, FL?

Defend yourself and your right to compensation

Nothing adds insult to injury like being charged with insurance fraud after your accident. Your insurer or the entity responsible for your injury may try to prove your damages aren't as severe as you claim. They may hire investigators to track your movements and review police records. While their goals are honorable, their methods are often less so.

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Protect your business with an insurance fraud lawyer

Protect your business with an insurance fraud lawyer

Insurance coverage gets more complicated and confusing every year. What you report and the way you report it aren't always clear, particularly when you employ temporary workers and independent contractors. If you're facing charges of falsifying employment information to skirt insurance costs, turn to an insurance fraud lawyer.

Che C Padron, PA can help you face accusations regarding:

  • Worker's compensation
  • Employee benefits
  • Self-employment insurance
Discuss your situation with a skilled insurance fraud lawyer in Miami, Florida today.